Why should I donate to Cheapass Games?

Our free games are free. Really, totally, free. This way, we hope to get our games into the hands of as many players as we can, and we want you to feel comfortable sharing and copying our games all over the world. 

But if you like our games, we encourage you to help us out, by making a small donation. Hit the "Donate" button in the top right of every page (it takes you to PayPal) and give us any amount that you think is reasonable. For reference, a designer's royalty on a $25 game would be roughly $1. A publisher's profit would be more like $5. But what really matters is how much the game is worth to you.

So how much is that?

It's a tough question. After all, the game was free. And you did some of the hard work in putting it together, which we respect. 

To aid our players in answering this question, we have created the following graphic. We hope it will one day replace the graph of Napoleon invading Russia as the best representation of information ever conceived by Man. In the meantime, you can use it to compute exactly how much to send us. 

How much should I pay?

Supporting Cheapass Games is part of a bold new business model where you give money directly to the creators of a product you like. Read more about our business plan in the final pages of any of our rulebooks, or visit our main "about" page.

Is there any other way?

Of course. If you don't trust PayPal, you can send us a check or money order the old fashioned way, at:

Cheapass Games, PO Box 15460, Seattle WA 98115.

Or you can hand a suitcase full of money to James Ernest whenever your paths cross. Don't worry. It happens to him all the time.  

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