Welcome to the Boulevard of Broken Games. This is a repository of old free games, old PDF editions, and old rulebooks from Cheapass Games.

The difference between this content and the other stuff we have posted is that we have made no attempt to update, modernize, or even correct tpyos in these games. Since most of them are 10 years old, we hope you’ll excuse their antiquity and admire their charm rather than send us corrections.

You don’t get to be a 17 year-old game company without accumulating a few products you just don’t want to support. You should be suspicious of any addresses, links, or other information contained in these files. Frankly, that includes the rules, too.

With all those caveats, enjoy!



  • BEN HVRT: A chariot racing game. This rulebook is from the PDF of BEN HVRT available for $5 at Drive Thru RPG.
  • THE BIG IDEA (Semideluxe Edition): This rulebook is from the “Semideluxe” edition of THE BIG IDEA. Buy the new version from Funforge!
  • DEAD MONEY: A zombie-themed card game that’s a blend of GIVE ME THE BRAIN and Poker. Available at
  • DICELAND: OGRE: This is the version of DICELAND that has a giant Ogre die. It’s pretty cool, and hard to find. Buy it from
  • DICELAND: SPACE: This is the basic DICELAND rulebook, replacing the rules from Deep White Sea. Buy Diceland from
  • GET OUT: A game about getting out of your parents’ basement, getting a job, and getting a life.
  • GIRL GENIUS: THE WORKS: A great little puzzle game featuring Phil and Kaja Foglio’s Girl Genius. Currently out of print.
  • GIVE ME THE BRAIN: Zombies working fast food. A classic Cheapass card game, now available in a deluxe Cheapass version!
  • ONE FALSE STEP FOR MANKIND: A three-hour board game about building a moon rocket in 1849.
  • SECRET TIJUANA DEATHMATCH: A card game about making bankrupt American businessmen wrestle each other to the death.
  • STARBASE JEFF: A combination gambling and puzzle game about building a space station. Also available in a complete PnP edition.

Keep checking back here for more out-of-print stuff as we find it. If there’s something you’re dying to see, let us know.