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“Avis is an expert chainsaw dueler and ice sculptor, and she likes to beat people up.” 

So begins the fable of BUTTON MEN, a mean little dice game for two players. It’s a strategic little pickup game, featuring awesome art and snappy quips. Players take turns rolling dice and capturing each other’s dice, in the game that was named the Best Abstract Board Game of 1999.


BUTTON MEN was originally sold as two-packs of 2.25″ pin-back buttons. There were several expansions from us, as well as licensed expansions based on Lunch Money, Legend of the Five Rings, Girl Genius, Sailor Moon, Dork Tower, and many more. There were hundreds of characters.

Now we’re pleased to bring you the full rules, and some printable BUTTON MEN trading cards, to help you restart your BUTTON MEN collection!

First, download and print the rules.

You can print your favorite artwork from the trading cards below, completely free, or you can buy your favorite sets printed on high-quality playing card stock from DriveThruCards.

BUTTON MEN: SOLDIERS (original set)

BUTTON MEN: VAMPYRES (first expansion)

Button Men: BROM (By James Ernest and Nick Sauer, artwork by Brom)

BUTTON MEN: FIGHTBALL (Released in 2003 as “Take Five”)


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