Cagway Bay Banner

Avast! Welcome to the open beta test of CAGWAY BAY, a pirate miniatures game from the pirate-loving scalawags at Cheapass Games.

“Cagway Bay” is an older name for the famous pirate town of Port Royal, which is now part of Kingston, Jamaica. And “CAG” is Cheapass Games, so there you go.

CAGWAY BAY is a simple tabletop miniatures game that can be played with any set of toy pirate ships. We suggest using Lego models, or those amazing plastic ships from PIRATES OF THE SPANISH MAIN (which is also a James Ernest game, but with different rules). Look at the plans for the Lego micro galleon below, or the photo of the much simpler Micro Frigate, for ideas on building your own fleet. We also have a design for a mini scale frigate, about 8 inches long, but crafting the plans for it will take some time.

This project is on a slow burn, and at this point we have just one bare-bones scenario and only one default ship. We’re still testing the basic rules, and after that, we’ll create some more scenarios and ships. Feel free to jump in, create your own, and help us develop this game!

Here are all the current (or nearly current) files for CAGWAY BAY:

Lego Micro Frigate

You can watch the Cheapass crew play CAGWAY BAY in this video for Pirate Day 3! You won’t learn much about the rules, but it’s a fun video. About once a year we clean up the living room floor for a game with big Lego pirate ships. Last time it was CAGWAY BAY; for Pirate Day 2, it was PIRATES OF THE SPANISH MAIN. (Unfortunately there is no video from Pirate Day 1.)

The Cagway Bay badge is a blue outline of a double-masted ship.

We’re proud to offer games absolutely free for you to try. If you like them, when and if you’re able, throw us a donation. Check out “How much should I donate?” for guidance.