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GOLD DIGGER is a simple little press-your-luck game designed by Mark Rosewater, illustrated by Phil Foglio and Cheyenne Wright. This game has been a free Cheapass Game since, like, forever, and we just updated it with lovely full-color artwork.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to dig for gold in a mountain filled with dynamite? Of course not. But that’s what you’ll do in this super-simple press-your-luck game. Players take turns drawing cards from a deck of 1 Gold, 2 Gold, 3 Gold, and Boom! After each draw you can keep what you’ve collected, or you can draw again. But if you ever draw a Boom!, your turn is over, and you score nothing.

Here are all the files you need to make your own copy of GOLD DIGGER.

The card file is one page of 8 cards, so you’ll need to print five copies to make the 40-card deck.

For help on making your own cards, check out James Ernest’s “How to Make Cards” video.

The "Gold Digger" badge shows a woman in mining clothes with her arms spread wide in celebration. She holds a shovel in one hand and piles of gold sit behind her.

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