Are you ready for BRAWL?

Note: This page is for the free version of BRAWL. We are currently kickstarting a reprint of the core decks. Learn more about that at the main BRAWL page

History: In 1999, James Ernest refined his notion of Real Time card games. Building on his first real time card game, FALLING, which was multi-player with a dealer, he created BRAWL, a two-player card game with no dealer.

BRAWL is a lightning-fast combat game where two players burn through their 35-card decks in about 35 seconds. Each deck contains a unique mix of cards, and each deck requires a slightly different playing style to win.

Mechanics: Each player takes one deck, sets a "Base" card on the table, and begins to play. Players play their cards (Hit, Block, Clear, etc.) as fast as they like, trying to win each Base by playing more Hits on their own side. At the bottom of both decks are three Freeze cards. When every base is Frozen, the game is over. 

Awards: The original BRAWL was nominated for two Origins Awards: Best Traditional Card Game, and Best Graphic Presentation of a Card Game in 1999. BRAWL: Club Foglio won two Origins Awards the following year, for Card Game Expansion and for Graphic Design. The competition was tough in 2001, because Brawl: Catfight was only nominated for Best Card Game Expansion (but we like that set a lot!)

BRAWL: Catfight

Finding BRAWL: BRAWL is coming back thanks to a Kickstarter campaign in July of 2015. Visit the main Game Page for more info. 

A version of the game is available on iOS, and you can also buy versions of the original decks from our friends at DriveThru Cards. The DriveThru BRAWL decks are $8.50 each and are printed on durable casino-quality playing card stock, for hours of card-flinging action.

The Drive Thru Decks: all at Drive Thru Cards, $8.50 each (You need at least 2 decks to play):

Six BRAWL Decks

The Rules: Here is a PDF of the comprehensive BRAWL rulebook, with details from all three sets.