Stuff You Should Buy

Hey, Cheapass Fans. Here are a few great products that we think you should buy. They are all either licensed Cheapass Games products, games designed by James Ernest, products we're somehow associated with, or other things we think are really cool.

Amazingly, this is not a complete list of things we're involved with. That requires a network of spies and a trip to Wikipedia.


Cheapass Games Tee Shirts from Zazzle

Since the Dawn of Time, gamers have enjoyed displaying their favorite game company logos on a comfortable T-shaped shirt. Our logo makes a fine T-shirt, in an amazing assortment of styles and colors. Our new Zazzle store also has coffee mugs, messenger bags, poker chips, and all the other crap you can slap a logo on. Buy it with haste, wear it with pride.

The Big Idea (FunForge)

The Big Idea (Funforge Edition)

You can now buy the English language edition of the French translation of this classic Cheapass Game! You can order it from our friends at, or find it in your local game store. The Big Idea is a hilarious party game about creating new inventions from cards like "Dangerous" and "Pants." The Big Idea was a bestseller for us in a couple of different editions, and now we're thrilled that it's hit the "big time" with its new publisher, FunForge. It is also available in French and Japanese, if you're in France and Japan! 

GoFirst Dice

Eric Harshbarger's GoFirst Dice

While sitting in a cafe in Indianapolis, game designers James Ernest and Eric Harshbarger came up with the concept of "GoFirst" dice, four dice that can determine who will go first in any game. The cute trick is that all four of these dice, and any subset, will always be a fair contest with no ties! It required the talents of mathematician Robert Ford to derive the right set of numbers, and now Eric sells these sets on his Web page, along with lots of other interesting custom dice. 

Lords of Vegas

Lords of Vegas

Of course, we think you should buy every board game with James Ernest's name on it. But you have to start somewhere, and you could do worse than Lords of Vegas. It's an area control game starring casino moguls, building the Las Vegas strip from nothing, and scrambling for resources as they go. Lords of Vegas was co-designed by Mike Selinker, and was nominated for an Origins Award for best board game (2010). It's currently ranked #359 at boardgamegeek, which is pretty astounding. And it's also been featured on the Web series "TableTop." Check it out!

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