Introducing the Cheapass Games Factory Outlet

Cheapass Games is please to introduce our Factory Outlet on Bonanza.

Get Lucky: Hidden Puzzle!

There is a hidden puzzle inside Get Lucky. Can you solve it?

Lord of the Fries Returns!

Cheapass Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new fourth edition of Lord of the Fries.

Doctor Lucky Poker Decks at DriveThruCards

As part of the magic of bringing back Kill Doctor Lucky, we've created a pair of Kill Doctor Lucky poker decks at

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  • Doctor Lucky is Coming Home!

    Cheapass Games is pleased to announce the 20th anniversary edition of Kill Doctor Lucky, coming in early 2016!

    Welcome Flip and Queensland!

    Two new free games have joined the Cheapass Games free library: Flip and Queensland.

    Check Out Our New Zazzle Store!

    Cheapass Games is pleased to draw your attention to their new storefront on Zazzle.

    Introducing the Pairs Companion

    Cheapass Games is pleased to announce The Pairs Companion, a free collection of games for the Pairs deck. 

    Welcome Starbase Jeff!

    Starbase Jeff is the latest addition to our Free Games Page

    Pairs is Shipping Now!

    It's been a wild ride, and of course it's not over. But Pairs is finally on its way to the world!