Veritas in Lightning Beta

Hey, everybody. Let's play a new game!

This fabled Ernest-Selinker collaboration from 2003 is finally coming out, and it took the revitalization of Cheapass Games to make it happen. From now until March 1, we'll be soliciting feedback on this pre-release version of Veritas.

In Veritas, you and your opponents represent various truths, trying to stay alive in the Dark Ages in France. You do this by being copied in books in monasteries. Every turn, you will copy your books and spread them around the map, trying to score points by dominating the various regions of France. And between turns, a monastery burns down.

We have about two weeks to get playtest feedback on Veritas. We'd love it if you helped on this one, but we know it's already pretty good; we've been developing it for nine years. The main reason we posted this, aside from our general need to spread love and happiness through the world, is that we've been taunting you with board designs on Facebook all week, and we figured you'd like to see the rules that went along with them.