We're Number Ten!

We just got mentioned in the press! io9 listed US Patent #1 as the tenth best science fiction game of all time!

We can't argue with that, mostly because we know plenty of other people will do it for us. But as a thank-you for the shout-out, we've posted a complete PDF of the original game, at our Boulevard of Broken Games

US Patent #1 is a wacky board game about inventing time travel, and then racing back to the opening day of the Patent Office. Be the first to patent time travel, see, and...

True Story: We got an email once about this game, from a real patent lawyer. She said it was fun and all, but patent law doesn't actually work like that. No mention of the time travel part, though, so we're pretty sure we got that right.

Read the full io9 article here.

Will US Patent #1 ever come back into print? That's the question on everyone's mind today. The answer is, we really don't know. In fact, if you have a time machine, would you please tell us?

US Patent Number One