GOLD DIGGER is a simple little press-your-luck game designed by Mark Rosewater, illustrated by Phil Foglio and Cheyenne Wright. It’s been a free Cheapass Game since, like, forever, and it’s now available as a free app on Android from Ruxed LLC.

“I’ve always loved playing James Ernest’s games ever since discovering them in the late 90’s and was thrilled when he agreed to let us create the Gold Digger app,” developer Dan Steeby said about the game. “We tried to keep it fast, simple, and fun: all the things I’ve always loved his games. You can get better with strategy, but Gold Digger is easy enough for the first time player.”

Project manager and designer Shyloh Wideman added, “James’ company, Cheapass Games, has a history of releasing free and low-cost games. We wanted to say thanks for that and to help share a game that we enjoyed playing with the online gaming community. Bringing Gold Digger to market and being able to offer it for free was our way of doing that.”

See screenshots and download the game at Google Play!