We’re working on a new gambling game called Rochi, which will be part of the next fantasy novel by Sonia Lyris, her sequel to The Seer.

Rochi is a gambling game for 2-8 players, played with a Tarot-style deck with six suits of different sizes. It’s a new deck design for us, and it’s a whole new way to think about how gambling games should work. There is no betting, very little bluffing, and six different pots!

We are seeking your feedback on the rules of the game, both in clarity and fun value, and have just updated the Rochi beta rules thanks to information from our playtesters! Shields are worth half, rounding up, and the core game is now rated for 3-6 players. If you loved Rochi before, this should make it even better; if you haven’t tried it, now is the perfect time to jump in!