We knew from the beginning we wanted to offer an all-encompassing storage solution for the complete collection of Girl Genius: The Works. We’ve partnered with Wyrmwood Gaming, purveyors of beautiful wood gaming supplies, to offer a deluxe deck box as gorgeous as the cards themselves.

Crafted of responsibly sourced wenge with hardwood splines, the deck box has room for all four decks (sleeved), along with a fifth compartment for promo cards. The logo is inlaid with brass and aluminum to give the box a true steampunk feel.

Each box will be handcrafted by the Wyrmwood artisans, and will include their Craftsman’s Promise:

There is only one acceptable outcome for our Craftsmen: a product that they can take personal pride in and an -absolutely- satisfied client. If you are unsatisfied with your product for -any- reason at all, we will fully refund or replace the item free of charge.

We previously partnered with Wyrmwood to create bespoke Tak sets, and couldn’t be happier with the results. We’re confident they’ll deliver another round of gorgeous pieces.

The deluxe deck box will be available as an add-on for $310 plus shipping & handling, and will be delivered directly from Wyrmwood, separately from the rest of the campaign items. Check it out before the campaign ends this Friday!