We are genuinely impressed with the Girl Genius: The Works Kickstarter campaign! We have passed $175k and there is a small but non-zero chance of breaking $200k today. That’s truly astounding, and we’re so very grateful to all the Cheapass and Foglio fans who made this happen!

That said, the campaign will close tonight at 9:00 PM Pacific. Now is your last chance to back Girl Genius: The Works! This is important, folks: This edition won’t get a broad release in retail stores. We will print a few extra of course, just for safety, but if players want to own this version of Girl Genius: The Works, the only sure way is to become a part of this campaign.

Thanks again for supporting Cheapass Games and Studio Foglio! We look forward to seeing you at Girl Genius Book & Game Night later today, and to making this game a reality!