Tune in to the Greater Than Games Twitch channel next week to watch James Ernest, the Cheapass Games family, GTG crew, and surprise special guests play classics like U.S. Patent No. 1, Escape from Elba, and the Devil Bunny games! James is already safely ensconced at GTG HQ, digging through their demo library for spare parts and preparing to game for your entertainment. 

Watch the stream 11 AM-5 PM CDT Monday-Friday, with an hour break from 1 PM-2 PM CDT each day so James and his players can fortify themselves. Note all times are in CDT and are subject to change.

11 AM: Kill Doctor Lucky
12 PM: Unexploded Cow
1 PM: Break
2 PM: U.S. Patent No. 1
3 PM: Starbase Jeff
4 PM: The Big Idea

11 AM: Agora
12 PM: Bitin’ Off Hedz
1 PM: Break
2 PM: Bleeding Sherwood
3 PM: Escape from Elba
4 PM: Witch Trial

11 AM: Lord of the Fries
12 PM: Graveyard
1 PM: Break
2 PM: Parts Unknown
3 PM: Renfield
4 PM: Give Me the Brain

11 AM: Nexus
12 PM: Devil Bunnanza!
1 PM: Break
2 PM: The Big Cheese
3 PM: Deadwood
4 PM: Save Doctor Lucky

Don’t see one of your favorites? Let us know which black-and-white game you’d like to see, and we might play it on Friday!

Learn more about our early games by checking out James Ernest’s upcoming book Cheapass Games in Black and White, on Kickstarter now!