Cheapass Games in Black and White will be a retrospective covering all of our black-and-white games, including design notes, interesting history, and charming anecdotes, delivered to you in a handsome hardbound book (or e-book, if you prefer).

We’ve had some questions about whether or not the games are playable from the book. They are not; Cheapass Games in Black and White is a history book meant to be an entertaining overview of our history, as well as a convenient rules reference for more than 100 games from our black-and-white period. While select components may be pictured, there’s no good way to include playable game cards and boards in a book.

For an example of what you’ll find in Cheapass Games in Black and White, please click through to enjoy a preview chapter on fan favorite title Huzzah!.

Obligatory disclaimer: This preview has not been to editing and is subject to change before publication.

If you’re looking for playable games, check out our extensive library of free print-and-play games. In true Cheapass fashion, you’ll still need to scrounge up some components from other games. We’re also releasing 30 new print-and-plays of original envelope games in their original format* over the course of the campaign; look for a new game every day in April. So far, we’ve released Kill Doctor Lucky,Before I Kill You, Mister Spy…Ben HvrtBleeding SherwoodSpree!,Get Out, and Huzzah!. Enjoy!

*We redacted some outdated information, like our old street address. Don’t bother those folks.