Before Devil Bunny hated the Earth or needed a ham, he was the hero of three very Dada comic books. These three clip-art comics hail from James Ernest’s short career in the periphery of the comic book industry, where he learned about inking, coloring, paste-up, and layout. We are pleased to present Devil Bunny and the Perfect Turkey, A Devil Bunny Christmas, and How the Elephant Got its Spots. No blurb can explain these comics. You need to read them yourself.

Feeling inspired to play a Devil Bunny game now? Both Devil Bunny Hates the Earth and Devil Bunny Needs a Ham are available as free print-and-plays!

You can learn more about Devil Bunny and other Cheapass Games classics by checking out Cheapass Games in Black and White, an upcoming book written by James Ernest covering the early years of Cheapass Games, now on Kickstarter! Don’t miss the excerpts on Kill Doctor Lucky and Huzzah! while you’re there.