Only two days remain in the Kickstarter campaign for Cheapass Games in Black and White, a retrospective covering the early days and games of Cheapass Games!

As you probably know by now,  we’re releasing a free print-and-play every day of the campaign. Twenty-five games including The Great Brain Robbery, U.S. Patent No. 1, and both Devil Bunny games are now available.

Chief Herman’s Next Big Thing and Chief Herman’s Holiday Fun Pack, collections of over two dozen games each, weren’t originally on the list of games to be released. However, we could be convinced to post them! Share this post (on Facebook) and retweet this tweet (on Twitter). If we get 250 combined shares and retweets, we’ll post both Chief Herman packs free for all to play!

UPDATE: We reached our goal! Chief Herman’s Holiday Fun Pack and Chief Herman’s Next Big Thing are being formatted as print-and-plays, to be released in the first half of May! Thanks for sharing!