James Ernest is a bearded Caucasian gentlemen with green eyes and salt-and-pepper hair that's more salt than pepper. He wears a suit with an orange tie and sits in front of a bookshelf full of various Cheapass paraphernalia.James Ernest was the founder and lead designer of Cheapass Games, launching the product line with Kill Doctor Lucky in the fall of 1996. Over the following twenty years, James won many awards and accolades for game design and graphic design, for games including Kill Doctor Lucky, Give Me the Brain, Button Men, BRAWL, Diceland, and The Great Brain Robbery. Greater Than Games acquired Cheapass Games from James Ernest in the spring of 2019.

Today, James Ernest publishes new games, short fiction, and in-depth design articles at Crab Fragment Labs, www.crabfragment.com. You can read all about his current exploits, and far more details about his career, at their About Us page.

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