Pinny Arcade Doctor Lucky Pin

This is an official Pinny Arcade pin from PAX Unplugged 2018, featuring Doctor Lucky in all of his adorable miniature glory.

This is an official Pinny Arcade pin and can be traded for other Pinny Arcade pins at shows. Learn more about pin trading here.



Girl Genius: The Works Playmat

This handsome neoprene playmat was created for the Girl Genius: The Works card game. It measures 14″ along each side and is 1/16″ thick.



Pairs Logo Cloisonne Pin

Celebrate your love of Pairs with this pear logo pin!

Note this is not a Pinny Arcade pin; it’s just pretty.



Pairs Collector Coin

Lovingly crafted by our friends at Campaign Coins for the Pairs Kickstarter campaign, this handsome gold coin can be used as a first or active player marker. It is not actual currency, but if you find a place willing to accept Pairs coins for goods and services, please let us know.


Cheapass Games Embroidered Logo Patch

Publicly pronounce your love for Cheapass Games with a soft logo patch ready to be sewn on to your cloth goods.