Six fighters. Sixty seconds. One incredible real-time smack down.

BRAWL is a fighting card game where the object is to play the most “Hits” on your side of the table before the game ends. Learn to play in turn-based training mode and then move on to tournament mode, which is played in real-time with no turns.

BRAWL is packaged in 35-card decks. Each deck represents a unique character with a different mix of cards, and each player needs one deck to play.

Players: 2 // Age: 10+ // Time: 60 seconds // Price: $8.50/deck

Rules // Senior Class Rules Supplement



The BRAWL Seniors, from left to right: Roya, Grace, Carlos, Dean, Letti, and Marcel.

A whole new class of fighters, the Seniors, are available now through DriveThruCards!

We’ve created print-and-color pages from the Seniors’ amazing card art by Ryan Kinnaird! Print ’em out, color ’em up, and send ’em our way!

Carlos // Dean // Grace // Letti // Marcel // Roya

If you backed the Kickstarter and need a copy of the BRAWL: Seniors rules, click here.


In BRAWL, each player takes one deck, sets a “Base” card on the table, and begins to play. Players play their cards (Hit, Block, Clear, etc.) as fast as they like, trying to win each Base by playing more Hits on their own side. At the bottom of both decks are three Freeze cards. When every base is Frozen, the game is over.


In 1999, James Ernest created BRAWL, a real-time card game that’s faster than a video game. BRAWL was nominated for two Origins Awards: Best Traditional Card Game, and Best Graphic Presentation of a Card Game.

The BRAWL catfight decks.BRAWL: Club Foglio won two Origins Awards the following year, for Card Game Expansion and for Graphic Design. The competition was tough in 2001, because BRAWL: Catfightwas nominated only for Best Card Game Expansion (but we like that set a lot).

As of 2016, BRAWL is back in friendly local game stores worldwide.