Captain Treasure Boots, a game that comes in a black-and-white box that shows a pirate with a big beard and large skull hat standing with one booted foot on a pile of treasure.

Captain Treasure Boots is a fast-playing pirate-themed board game. Players gather treasure from islands around the board, and bring the treasure home to port. Treasures are worth points, but they also give you special abilities, so you’ll have to decide how much to keep, and how much to cash in.

Of course, treasure is never safe aboard your vessel! Players can attack each other and steal treasure. And the board is home to a few “Privateers,” extra pirate ships that can be controlled by anyone.

Sail the the Seven Seas in yer tiny little ship, seekin’ pirate treasure with Captain Treasure Boots!

Players: 2-6 // Age: 12+ // Time: 40 minutes // Price: $10 // Rules


The first edition of Captain Treasure Boots was released in 2006. This edition contains a thorough upgrade to the original rules. The game still feels the same, but nearly every core rule has been improved. Cargo no longer slows you down. Players no longer roll for movement, but they can still be thwarted by the wind. But the biggest improvement is that the game now includes all the necessary treasure counters, which players used to have to scrounge up on their own.