The cover of Deadfall, featuring the Deadfall logo and cards showing a knight, scarab, and dragon.

Deadfall is a clever little bluffing game designed by James Ernest and Nora Miller, inspired by liar’s dice and featuring art from acclaimed fantasy artist Bill McGuire. From ten to one, the deck features heroes, goblins, wisps, scarabs, revenants, boars, hunters, eagles, knights, and a dragon.

Players: 2-6 // Age: 12+ // Time: 15 minutes // Price: $10 // Rules


Deadfall is a gambling / bluffing game. Players ante one coin to begin, and start with a hand of six cards. Everyone plays one card, and the lowest of these will go first.

On your turn you may either play a new card face up, or call one of your opponents.

When you play a card, you are trying not to play the last card of that rank. For example, if you play a 5, you are declaring that someone’s hand still contains a 5. If you have one, you know you’re safe. If not, you’re making an educated guess.

A call ends the hand. When you call another player, you are saying that they were wrong when they played their last card, and there are no more cards of that rank left in anyone’s hand.

If the caller is right, she wins the pot, plus a penalty equal to the rank of the card, paid by the called player. If the caller is wrong, the called player wins the pot, and he wins the same penalty from the caller.