The cover image for fish cook, featuring the Fish Cook logo and a chibi anime girl in a chef's outfit holding a fish in one hand and a knife in the other.It’s Paris, and it’s 1909. You are a master chef, just graduated from the city’s most prestigious cooking school.

And so are your enemies.

Fish Cook is a board game about cooking fish. Players vie to become the best chefs in France by earning money, prestige, and the respect of their peers. (And since it’s a board game, prestige and respect are conveniently measured in money.)

Earn the most money, and you will be declared the Master Chef!

Players: 2-6 // Age: 12+ // Time: 45 minutes // Price: $10 // Rules


This game, originally entitled Claude Hubert la Criée, was designed and published by the French chef Jacques de Flandres in 1909, as part of his Jeux Cuisines series. De Flandres went on to create other cooking games, but none was more successful than his earliest work. In the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, there was a resurgence of the cooking genre, with several new cooking games that owed a debt to de Flandres. In 1994, Shimizu-Leifan Holding Company (SLHC) released Yum Yum Super Fish Delicious which was a direct copy of de Flandres’ original game.

Cheapass Games has licensed this game, now released in English as Fish Cook.