Welcome to the Boulevard of Broken Games. This is a repository of old free games, old PDF editions, and old rulebooks from Cheapass Games.

The difference between this content and the other stuff we have posted is that we have made no attempt to update, modernize, or even correct tpyos in these games. Since most of them are 10 years old, we hope you’ll excuse their antiquity and admire their charm rather than send us corrections.

You don’t get to be a 17 year-old game company without accumulating a few products you just don’t want to support. You should be suspicious of any addresses, links, or other information contained in these files. Frankly, that includes the rules, too.

With all those caveats, enjoy!


  • Another Day, Another Dollar: This six-page PDF contains all four “Another Day” expansions for the original Deadwood game: Musicals, Horror, Kung Fu, and Space.
  • Bleeding Sherwood: A Cheapass classic about selling useless junk to the nouveau riche of Sherwood Forest.
  • Captain Park’s Imaginary Polar Expedition: The thematic precursor to Stuff and Nonsense.
  • The Doctor Lucky Ambivalence Pack: Two new boards (and new rules): one for killing Doctor Lucky, and one for saving him.
  • Escape from Elba: A board game where you’re Napoleon, and so is everybody else.
  • Freeloader: A board game about mooching off your friends.
  • The Great Brain Robbery:  A classic, flawed, entertaining game about zombies robbing a train full of brains.
  • Huzzah!: A board game about working at a Renaissance festival. Drawn from experience.
  • U.S. Patent No. 1: A board game about inventing time travel, and then racing to patent it. (Note on this set of files: The “Boards” document contains one square board and one oversized Time Machine card on nearly every page. Cut accordingly.)


Many of the free games we offer were released during the early years of Cheapass Games, when we sold cheap games in black-and-white envelopes, without the generic components our players already owned. Learn more about them in our upcoming book, Cheapass Games in Black and White, on Kickstarter now!