Cagway Bay Banner

Ahoy! Welcome to the 2019 open beta test of Cagway Bay, a pirate miniatures game from the pirate-loving scalawags at Cheapass Games.


This game has been dormant for a couple years, but we are still working on it in the background! This draft includes a new set of rules and scenarios.


Cagway Bay is a simple tabletop miniatures game that can be played with any set of toy pirate ships. “Cagway Bay” is an older name for the famous pirate town of Port Royal, which is now part of Kingston, Jamaica. And “CAG” is Cheapass Games, so there you go.


This edition contains fresh beta rules, two scenarios, and several different ship designs. In addition, we have made templates in case you want to build your own ships to match our most recent fleet. You can also use Lego models or plastic ships from another game.


Here are all the current files for Cagway Bay:


We would love to hear your feedback on these rules and scenarios. Despite being many years in the making, this game is still really rough and there is lots of room for improvement. We continue to hammer out the basic rules, and we hope to create many more ships and scenarios in the months ahead.

The Cagway Bay badge is a blue outline of a double-masted ship.