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Falling is now a full-fledged gameYou can still find the older edition of Falling at Drive Thru Cards.

Falling was the first real time card game from James Ernest. It’s a frenetic card game with an average play time of 90 seconds.

One player deals the cards, while the other players fall. There are no turns; everyone is playing at once. Players can play cards on each other, or on themselves. These cards are called “riders,” and they change how the dealer will deal. A “Hit” means “Give me two cards.” A “Skip” means “Don’t give me anything.” And so on. Those Skips come in really handy at the end of the deck, when the dealer starts handing out the Ground cards. Catch a Ground card, and you’re dead.

If you’d like to print your own free copy, the files below contain the original Brian Snoddy artwork for Falling, and the rules from the original game, updated into the new free Cheapass format. There’s even a page explaining different ways to put your deck together:

A note about the box label: It probably won’t fit your box exactly. If it doesn’t, just chop it up into smaller pieces and apply each piece to the sides of your box. We formatted it as one piece in case you had the perfect size tuck box.

The "FALLING" badge shows a man with a long face falling in midair. His hair, tie, and glasses are all askew in the wind.