Fightopia! A Free Board Game by James Ernest and Mike Selinker Imagine: It's the future! There are giant robots that fight each other constantly in epic battles on windswept and desolate plains. Society as we know it has crumbled and technology has changed the face of warfare forever. Doesn’t that sound cool?Fightopia! uses a chessboard and several units in three sizes: Each side needs ten pawns, which take up one space; two tanks, which take up two spaces, and one giant, which takes up four spaces. Players take turns moving shooting, and killing. The goal is to kill both of your opponent’s tanks  move your giant across the board.
Fightopia Board

The PDF below is everything you need, aside from a chessboard and some pieces. Some day, we hope to post plans for Lego tanks that you can build yourself, unless a fan beats us to it. (Hint, hint.)

A rules note: We didn’t bother updating this rules sheet from its 2004 version, but one question has come up: How many pieces do you move each turn? The answer is one piece, like in chess.

A man in armor and a pointy helmet stands with his arms and legs spread over the text "Fightopia!"