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Fish Cook is available as white box game!

Most of what follows is a lie.

In 1909, French chef Jacques de Flandres created a game called Claude Hubert la Criée. It was the first in a series of board games about cooking. After inspiring several variations in the mid-century, the game was republished (some would say stolen) by Japanese publisher Shimizu-Leifan (SLHC) and released as Yum Yum Super Fish Delicious. Cheapass Games is pleased to bring you the English edition under license from SLHC, Fish Cook.

And now the truth:

Fish Cook is a new game by James Ernest, originally released in the Spring of 2013, and still available for sale. This is the free online version.

Fish Cook is a simple cooking game in which players take the role of chefs. The game is divided into several “days,” which have two parts, Morning and Evening. In the Morning, players buy ingredients from the Fish Market and Farmer’s Market, and recipes from the Cooking School. In the evening, they cook recipes and earn money. The strategy revolves around buying ingredients as cheaply and efficiently as possible, and also around stealing the good ideas of your fellow chefs.

You will need the following elements to make a playable copy of Fish Cook:

You will also need:

  • 2-6 players, and 45 minutes
  • Money, in denominations of 1, 5, and up, enough for about $250 per player
  • Twelve 6-sided dice to represent fish
  • (Optional) six more 6-sided dice for rolling the Farmer’s Market
  • Counters in six colors matching the six ingredients (about 30 of each, or print the counter sheets above)
  • One token or pawn to represent the Chef
  • A spare die or some other means of tracking the day (1 to 5)

The "Fish Cook" badge, featuring the Fish Cook logo and a chibi anime girl in a chef's outfit holding a fish in one hand and a knife in the other.