Light Speed Card Game

Light Speed is a lightning-fast card game of space combat about identical teams of spaceships dropping out of hyperspace to do battle over an extremely important asteroid.

The most popular among our acclaimed Hip Pocket Games series, Light Speed is a real-time card game designed by Tom Jolly and James Ernest. With the decks below, up to 5 players can play!

Each player has a deck of 10 spaceships. Players shuffle and then play their cards as fast as they like, setting up shots on a central Asteroid as well as enemy ships. When the first player has played all 10 cards, everyone must stop; then there’s a scoring round where the ships take turns shooting each other.

It’s a frenzied game and it’s quite easy to wind up shooting your own ships, or nothing at all.

Play for free using the print-and-play below or buy a high-quality deck from Drive Thru Cards for just $10!

Note that the rule book below is a straight PDF of the original 2003 rule book. We will make a “creative commons” edition of the rules as soon as we get the chance. Per a recent request, we’ve also made a PDF containing round cards, at 2.5″ across. We have no idea how best to make cards out of this, but here is the artwork, just the same.

Here are the files you will need to play Light Speed:

The "Light Speed" badge shows a sleek orange and yellow winged space ship on a blue background.