Mapple: A clever little map game for two players.

Mapple is a simple abstract game, played with a colorful map and a pocket full of change. It was first released in conjunction with GMX, the Geek Media Expo in Nashville TN. Now we have three more boards for the game, one from KublaCon (San Francisco), one from Board Game Bash (Austin, TX) and one from PrairieCon (Brandon, Manitoba)!

The rules and the board are all contained in the same one-page PDF. Print it and enjoy it!


Each player uses ten coins: One quarter, two dimes, three nickels, and four pennies. One player is “heads” and  the other is “tails.” Players take turns placing coins in empty areas. When you play a coin, it flips over enemy coins in neighboring areas, if those coins are of lesser value. Areas that touch only on the diagonal are not considered connected. The game ends when both players are out of coins. Each area is worth one point. You will play twice, with each player starting once.

Special Rules: 

For the GMX board, players use five pennies (not four).

For the PrairieCon board, five starred areas are worth one bonus point.

The Mapple logo over a colorful map.