Agora is the Greek word for marketplace. It’s what you’re afraid of when you have agoraphobia.

Players are creating an organic-feeling marketplace, trying to make money with their shops and shut down foot traffic to their enemies. This magnificent little abstract game, arguably the best tile game in the Hip Pocket series, has a unique twist: you can play your cards in any location, and at any angle; they don’t have to conform to a grid.

We created a nicer version of Agora for the Cheapass Games website in 2011, with better-looking cards, but the rules in both editions are the same. Agora was also the basis for the short-lived Gamesmith game, Camden. Someday we hope to bring out a new deluxe edition.


Art by James Ernest.

Agora supports 2-4 players and takes half an hour to play. Download the entire print-and-play via a handy .zip, or access individual components below:

  • Agora Rules: A 7″ x 9″ double-sided rules sheet designed to fold into quarters.
  • Agora Cards: This file contains two pages of six cards each, for a total of 12.
    • Print this file four times for a deck of 48 cards.

In addition, you will need about 20 counters for each player.

Make your print-and-play the pride of your shelf. Check James Ernest’s how-to video on crafting playing cards

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