Chief Herman’s Holiday Fun Pack is a high-value, low-footprint collection of 24 original games from James Ernest and Cheapass Games. Most of these games were originally published as freebies in places like magazine ads, business cards, and in the Cheapass Games catalog, but some were new in this collection.

Games in this collection include Bogart, Crash, Flip, Dogfight, Pennywise, Road Trip, Spots, El Paso, Hey Bartender, Following Suit, Las Man Standing, Brain Baseball, Big Dumb Five, The Lost Pueblo of Doctor Green, Candy, Galaxy, the Celebrated Jumping Frog Game, Stumpy the Cave Boy, Tishai, Strange Words, WoRDWeRX, Divide on Conquer, and more, including nine original poker games!

Chief Herman’s Next Big Thing is another collection of previously free and unreleased games from Cheapass Games.

Games in this collection include Fight the Power, Ten-Die Poker, Break the Bank, Monster Builder, Penniless and Insane, Seven-Handed Poker, Darwinian Poker, Caribbean Star, Short Bus to Paradise, Headless in Seattle, Shipwreck, Particle Stream, King of the Beach, Castle, Dungeon Crawl, Hotel Transylvania, Queensland, Graveyard Shift, Board Game Project #55, and Land Grab, plus three pocket billiards variants, two unplayable games, and more!


Download all of Chief Herman’s Holiday Fun Pack at once via a handy .zip, or access individual files below:

Download all of Chief Herman’s Next Big Thing at once via a handy .zip, or access individual files below:

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