Story? What story? It’s a city, and they fight.

Fight City is a card game inspired by the early trading card games like Magic: the Gathering, a fast-playing two-player card game with the potential for endless variety in deck construction.

Unfortunately, we never got farther than the first two decks. Every Cheapass Game is an experiment, and sometimes they don’t sell well enough for further development. The two starter decks of Fight City do a lot to show off the game mechanics, and because they contain every card in the set, they could probably do with a little rebalancing. And when you can print your own cards, that’s exactly what you should do!

We’ve talked about doing a new set of cards for Fight City, or at least a prettier version of this set. For now, these cards are the first and only edition. However, the same setting did find its way into the newest core set of Button Men.


Art by Brian Snoddy.

Fight City supports 2 or more players and takes roughly half an hour to play. Please note each player needs a deck to play. Download the print-and-play files all at once via a handy .zip, or individually below:

  • Fight City Rules, Deck One and Deck Two: 8.5″ x 11″ double-sided pages, designed to fold in half.
    • The only difference between these documents is the card list.
  • Fight City Cards, Deck One and Deck Two: Six pages including 54 cards each.
      • Each is a different pre-constructed deck.
  • Fight City Card Backs (optional)
    • These are the same for each deck.
  • Fight City Envelopes, Deck One and Deck Two (optional)

Make your print-and-play the pride of your shelf. Check James Ernest’s how-to video on making playing cards!