You’re a listless teenager living in your parents’ basement. Your goal is to get a job, get an apartment, and perhaps even get a life.

Get Out was in development for years before Cheapass Games was a thing. The simple Monopoly-like track board has three loops: one for jobs, one for apartments, and one for the adventures of living on your own. The worse your job, and the cheaper your apartment, the harder it is to get all the way through the center ring. But that’s what you’ll have to do if you want to win.

Like any game based on Monopoly, Get Out is fun, but somewhat long. It’s filled with good jokes and some interesting strategy, and is a prime example of super-early James Ernest design.


Get Out supports 2-8 players and take roughly two hours to play. Download the entire print-and-play all at once via a handy .zip, or access individual components below. Please note you will need two different colors of paper for the Comic Page and Plot Twist decks.

In addition, you will need one pawn and 20 matching counters for each player, two d6, and money.

Make your print-and-play the pride of your shelf. Check James Ernest’s how-to videos for making game boards and playing cards!