It’s the California Gold Rush, and your little corner of the world is so rich that you’ve decided to engage in a race to the Moon! Will you make it? Probably not. But what good is being rich if you can’t launch a few poorly-made moon rockets?

One False Step for Mankind was the first Cheapass boxed Game to have full-color components. It comes from a time when color printing was becoming almost as cheap as one-color printing, when the costs of manufacturing shifted from color separations to materials.

The game is a fairly long one, at three hours. Players bid for control of cities in a modular Old West landscape. Each turn, the cities make people, which spread out into the local mines and farms, making food and gold. You’ll need them both to build your rocket and race to the Moon.

This bundle also includes the expansion, One False Step Home, which does actually manage to speed up the game a little bit (down to maybe two hours). But the expansion boards are in black and white, which makes them harder to read. So, pick your poison.


Download the files for One False Step for Mankind and One False Step Home all at once via a handy. zip, or access individual components below.


  • One False Step for Mankind Rules: A single 8.5″ x 11″ double-sided page, designed to fold in half.
  • One False Step for Mankind Boards: Eight individual boards, each on its own page with bleed and crop marks.
    • These are modular, so each one should remain an independent tile.
  • One False Step for Mankind Cards: BE ADVISED! Not all of these sheets cut the same way. The One False Step Cards file includes the following seven pages:
    • Pages 1 to 5: These are all the same, 8 cards per page, including the deck of City cards as well as three Know-How cards and four “Days of the Week” reference cards.
    • Page 6: These are two blocks of six System Cards, which were tiny because there was only so much space on the sheet (this entire game ran on a single sheet!)
    • Page 7: Six more System Cards and two stray “Days of the Week” cards.
  • One False Step for Mankind Box (optional)


In addition, you will need resource chips in red, green and yellow; about 40 counters and one paper clip for each player; two 6-sided dice; and one master token.