Ever wonder what it was like to manage a body parts retail store in the age of mad science? Of course not! But it was probably exactly like this.

Parts Unknown is actually based on an unpublished game called Push, which James Ernest created for Wizards of the Coast’s marketing department in 1995. That game was, no kidding, about game retail stores selling Magic cards. Wizards passed on the game almost immediately, and it wound up being this.

Each player owns a retail shop, selling body parts to mad scientists. Each turn, you can fill your shelves with goodies from the graveyard, like Bones, Brains, and Feet, as well as the occasional Gizmo. Viktor Frankenstein walks the streets, window-shopping and creating demand for a specific kind of part. If you set your prices right, you can really clean up!

The townsfolk will buy whatever he looks at, but only at the lowest price. Did you plan right? Can you make more money now that the cheap stuff is gone? Find out in a game of Parts Unknown.


Art by Michael O’Connor.

Parts Unknown supports 4-10 players and takes approximately two hours to play. Download the print-and-play all at once via a handy .zip, or access individual components:

  • Parts Unknown Rules: A single 8.5″ x 11″ double-sided page, designed to fold in half.
  • Parts Unknown Boards: The Parts Unknown game board has four modular pieces, each on its own page of this file. The rules explain how to arrange them.
  • Parts Unknown Cards: This file contains both the fronts and (optional) backs of the Parts Unknown cards. The full deck requires 6 copies of this page, for a total of 96 cards.
  • Parts Unknown Envelope (optional)

In addition, you will need two pawns, about 30 counters, one six-sided die, and money.

Make your print-and-play the pride of your shelf. Check James Ernest’s how-to videos for making game boards, playing cards, and counters! You can also print out Cheapass Games-themed money.