It’s a cold night in the North Atlantic. The ship they called “Unsinkable” is going down by the head. And you and your despicable friends want to go down in history by being seen saving Doctor Lucky.

Save Doctor Lucky actually introduced some improvements to the mechanics of Kill Doctor Lucky, but it never sold as well. Turns out people really prefer to kill the old man. We understand.

In Save Doctor Lucky, you may only attempt to win when another player is looking at you. This gets easier over time, because as the ship sinks, the decks are removed from the game! As players become crowded into the upper decks over time, it becomes easier to be seen. But don’t take too long to make your move! If the last deck sinks, everyone loses!

Save Doctor Lucky also contains, for no particular reason, a 10-part logic puzzle on the F-2 cards. Because we are like that.


Game art by Damon Brown.

Save Doctor Lucky supports 3-7 players and takes roughly 40 minutes to play. Download the entire print-and-play at once via a handy .zip, or access individual components below:

  • Save Doctor Lucky Rules: A single 8.5″ x 11″ double-sided page, designed to fold in half.
  • Save Doctor Lucky Board
    • This single file can be printed as one large board, or four individual decks. The latter will let you physically remove each deck as it sinks.
    • You can print this on a large-format printer, or use Acrobat’s tiling function to print it as several smaller pages.
  • Save Doctor Lucky Cards: Six pages containing 90 cards.
    • Note: There is a known issue with the shadowed numbers in the corners of the Aid cards. Newer versions of Acrobat render the white numbers as transparent. This also shows up on the sample cards in the rules. It’s hardly a big deal, but there it is.
  • Save Doctor Lucky Envelope (optional)

In addition, you will need a pawn for every player, and one more pawn for Doctor Lucky.

Make your print-and-play the pride of your shelf. Check James Ernest’s how-to videos for making game boards and playing cards!