You’re a wrestling promoter, luring bankrupt American businessmen into back-alley fights south of the border. You promise to pay your marks a million dollars if they win five fights, so your hope is that they only win four.

Secret Tijuana Deathmatch is the product of a strange series of circumstances. Atlas Games had an extra 5000 sheets of die-cut counters for their game, Spammers, which John Nephew donated to Cheapass Games so that we could make a game that used them. These counters, mixed with a stellar game title from Toivo Rovainen, gave rise to this limited-edition awesomeness that is Secret Tijuana Deathmatch.

Of course, we can’t replicate the die-cut counters, though we have included a scan of the sheet. You can print and cut them as-is, find alternate means of creating them, or use stand-ins with similar art. Maybe you could even find an old copy of Spammers!

The game is a series of heads-to-head matches, in which fighters compete with three stats: Hit, Trix, and Blok. Meanwhile, everyone else can bet on the fight, and both players can play tokens to affect the outcome. Obviously, the player who finishes with the most money wins. As in life.


Art by Cheyenne Wright.

Secret Tijuana Deathmatch supports 3-6 players and takes an hour to play. Download all of the print-and-play in one handy .zip, or access individual components below:

In addition, you will need one betting token for each player, some money, and some beans.

Make your print-and-play the pride of your shelf. Check James Ernest’s how-to videos for making game boardsplaying cards, and counters! You can also print out Cheapass Games money!