You’re useless teenagers looting a shopping mall in the middle of the night. Like ya do.

Spree! was the cheapest game in the original Cheapass Games lineup, at just $3 for a rulebook and four board sections. It uses pawns, dice, and two poker decks.

Players race around LeGrand Mall throwing items into their shopping carts, then racing back to store them safely in their cars. You can carry a lot of stuff, but you risk getting shot and robbed by the other players. Or you can make lots of trips, but you risk falling behind those players who are willing to take a bigger risk.

Lovingly illustrated by Phil Foglio, this version of Spree! contains the “extra violence” rules from the “Hong Kong” edition, and a nice grayscale version of the third edition board.


Art by Phil Foglio

Spree! supports 3-8 players and takes roughly an hour to play. Download the print-and-play all at once via this handy .zip, or access individual components below:

  • Spree! Rules: A single 8.5 x 11 double-sided page, designed to fold in half.
  • Spree! Board:
    • A grayscale version of the third edition board
    • If you have access to a printer that can handle 11″ x 17″ paper, you can print this all on one page. Or, you can use Acrobat’s tiling function to print it as several smaller pages.
  • Spree! Envelope (optional)
    • This is the packaging for the third edition.

You will also need two pawns for each player, two 6-sided dice, two poker decks, and a score pad.