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James Ernest loves gambling games. And here’s one that he invented with Mike Selinker and Tom Saxton. They tried selling this to the casino game industry a couple of times, but no dice. Ha ha.

Palomino Pokeris a casino-style table game with one dealer and up to seven players. The dealer’s hand is always four cards or less, is never better than a pair, and is always completely face up. The player can buy up to five cards to try and beat the dealer, winning more money when the dealer’s hand is better.

And yes, the house still has an advantage, though with perfect play it isn’t all that much.

We’re delighted to bring this free game to the world, and we hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed doing endless mathematical simulations to derive its perfect strategy. Seriously, we enjoy that a lot.

You will also need a deck of cards with one joker, and some poker chips. And, in the same way that a hot dog tastes better with a baseball stadium wrapped around it, this game is much more fun if you play it in an actual casino. Casino owners take note.

A stylized golden horse galloping over a circle of green grass, with a green rectangle background. The Palomino logo is written beneath it.