Pennywise Banner

Pennywise is one of our oldest titles, and one of the simplest. Players start with a set of coins such as 4 pennies, 3 nickels, 2 dimes, and a quarter. They take turns playing coins into the center, and taking back as much as they can, up to 1 penny less than what they put in. The goal is to run your opponent out of coins. Actually, that’s the entire game, right there.

This shiny new rule sheet for Pennywise is the largest format it has ever enjoyed. It has been printed as a business card, a free half-page ad in magazines and convention programs, and as part of Cheapass Games collections.

In this version, you will meet four new characters, gorgeously illustrated by Cheyenne Wright. They have different recipes that make the game more interesting. We have also made custom coin artwork in case you’d like to print your own coins (the new characters use 2, 3, and 20-cent coins, as well as standard currency) and we’ve gone the extra mile of making the four characters into trading cards.

Here’s what you actually need to play the game…

…and here’s the page of custom coins, which are optional but very pretty…

…are the four trading cards! These are individual JPGS, designed with bleed to trim down to 2.5 x 3.5 at 300 DPI.

Darlene, a "Pennywise" character, has blue eyes and red hair. She wears a fancy purple gown and black choker necklace. Sugar, an older gentleman and "Pennywise" character, wears a red shirt with brown suspenders and a beat-up cowboy hat. He has blue eyes, white hair, and a full beard and mustache. Taylor, a "Pennywise" character, wears a dark blue and gray shirt, and has blue eyes, brown hair, and a square jaw. Cody, a "Pennywise" character, is an older man with a long face. He wears an old-timey black suit and blue tie, complete with a black hat. He has white hair, a long handlebar mustache, and bushy eyebrows.

If you’d like to print your own trading cards to give away to people you meet at conventions, which we encourage, here are the rules formatted to fit on the back of the card:

A scowling man white white hair and a long white handlebar mustache and wearing an old-fashioned suit (top hat included) glowers out from behind a white banner reading "Pennywise."