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We love poker chips. And for quite a while we’ve been trying to figure out how to make and sell them.

But it turns out that it’s super expensive to make these things. So now we have a better plan: we’ll just post the art, and you can make the chips yourself. This eliminates the middleman and gets you a super good deal. If you’re willing to do the work.

We’ve started with a set of Lucky Mansion casino chips, shown in the photo above. We have denominations ranging from 5 cents to 1000 dollars, featuring character art from Get Lucky.

You can download these images and make labels out of them for any chips you want. But this art was specifically designed for use with the Great Wall custom chips at Poker Chip Lounge. Download the PNGs below, order your own chips, and voila. Your uncle is Bob.

We don’t have any kind of partnership with Poker Chip Lounge, but we do like their prices and their chips.

Below are links to the center label art, and the color of chip they are supposed to go on:

And if you’d like a picture of the entire chip, rather than just the center art, here are some PNGs with a Cheapass Games border design. These are useful if you need the full chip design for a digital application, or if you just want to make cardboard chips with edge colors.

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