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Playing cards are awesome. There’s so much they can do.

The Cheapass Games Poker Suite is a collection of original games that you can play with a standard deck of cards. They are interesting, smart, and probably unlike anything you’ve ever played before.

Games in the list include several that have been published before in various places, and a couple of brand new ones. They are mostly not poker games, though a couple of them are. They include:

  • Abandon Ship: A game about pirates looting a sinking ship
  • Barcelona: A quick 2-card gambling game
  • Boneyard: A strategic blind bidding game
  • Brain Baseball: A chaotic baseball-like game featuring the Zombies from Friedey’s
  • Caribbean Star: A showdown between rival magicians on a cruise ship
  • Following Suit: A blind bidding game about maritime trade
  • Hey, Bartender: A change-making game featuring a well-meaning barkeep
  • Spots: A change-making game about, uh, nothing at all
  • Lamarckian Poker: A blind bidding game about evolving into the best poker hand
  • Last Man Standing: A chaotic game of gladiatorial combat
  • The Lost Pueblo of Doctor Green: A mindlessly simple bluffing game
  • Seven-Handed Poker: A line capture game featuring poker hands
  • Penniless and Insane: A reverse auction game about running out of money
  • Willow: A poker-like game with only two cards

There is just one file for all these fine things. Download and enjoy!

Stylized text reading "Poker Suite" on a green background beneath a deck of "Tally-Ho" playing cards.