Red Baron Banner

In our many-year attempt to create new pub and casino games, We’ve had several reasonable but not-quite-there attempts. Red Baron qualifies as one of the better ones. It’s presented here for your entertainment.

Red Baron is a casino game where up to six players square off against the dealer in a format very similar to Blackjack. The goal is to “shoot down” the dealer by finishing with a point total that is equal to, or not more than three points less than, the dealer’s.

You can make your own Red Baron deck by stripping cards from three poker decks, or you can print your own cards with the card file below. At some point we might also make this game available on DriveThru Cards. If you ask nicely and frequently.

The card file has seven cards, front and back, which should be printed 10 times for a total of 70 cards. Give it a try and tell us what you think!

"Red Baron" is written in red below a red propeller plan in front of a blue circle.