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Mmm, Bugs. You can’t eat just one.

When the Gravediggers from Parts Unknown aren’t scavenging body parts for science, they play Renfield for money. It’s a gambling game about parts, tools, gravestones, and bugs.

Yummy, delicious bugs.

Renfield was introduced in 1999 as Cheapass Games #019, a sequel to the gravedigging board game Parts Unknown. We think this game is absolutely great, a giant among trick-taking gambling games. Mechanically it’s sort of a cross between Hearts (or Spades, or Pitch) and Poker (or Blackjack, or getting clubbed over the head). It’s extremely chaotic and vicious, just like the gravediggers who play it. Despite this, there is a fair bit of strategy, which includes being very hard-headed.

Play for free using the print-and-play below or buy a high-quality deck from Drive Thru Cards for just $10!

If you’d like to print your own free copy of Renfield, here are the files you need:

The "Renfield" badge shows a pudgy gravedigger eating a bug sandwich. A graveyard sprawls in the background.