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Springtime. Midnight. The mall is beckoning.

Welcome to LeGrand Mall, the oldest and most poorly secured shopping mall in the world. It’s as leakproof as the Titanic and as solid as a wet paper bag. This place just begs to be robbed.

Spree! is a cute little board game about robbing a shopping mall. Originally CAG #005, this game has all the chaos and craziness of the early days of Cheapass Games. It uses a double-deck of standard playing cards, with jokers, so the only thing you have to build is the board.

This PDF contains a colorized version of the “classic” edition of Spree! , which combines the original Phil Foglio artwork with the extra “Hong Kong” rules (on the last page). It’s a simple race through a shopping mall with plenty of mayhem, luck, and hilarity.

Here are the files you need to print your own copy of Spree! :

A militant shopper wielding a rifle and a paper shopping bag is featured on the "Spree!" badge.