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Some day, you will use it to learn more about the history of the world, and perhaps even contribute to the betterment of mankind.

But first, you’re gonna play the stock market and get really, stupidly rich.

TimeLine is a simple tile-based game of time travel. Players will move through time collecting goodies, then take them to the end of time to sell them. It’s a plain ol’ abstract strategy game with a pretty clever mechanic, and it’s one of the original Hip Pocket Games.

Play for free using the print-and-play below or buy a high-quality deck from Drive Thru Cards for just $10!

Along with the PDFs below, you’ll need a pawn for each player, and several colored chips (about 20) in four colors. Ideally, these colors are brown, yellow, red, and green.

The "TimeLine" badge has squiggly lines with game pieces.