Lord of the FriesWelcome back to Friedey’s: Fast Food Restaurant of the Damned! It’s pretty hard to get anything done around here, since everyone is dead. But don’t let that worry you. As strange as it sounds, the dead can still assemble combo meals.

Players: 2-8 // Ages: 12+ // Time: 40 minutes // Price: $25 // Rules


Enjoy standalone Lord of the Fries expansions, each supporting 2-6 players.

A green zombie wearing a purple fedora holding two forks covered in pasta and sits behind a table also covered in pasta.    A green zombie wearing a sombrero holds a leg of fried chicken. Dishes on the table in front of the zombie are filled with more fried chicken, and one bowl holds a bouquet of chicken feet.    A green zombie with a long black braid and pink shirt with a mandarin collar pours tea.    The Irish menu expansion for Lord of the Fries, McPubihan's. A green zombie wearing a hat with shamrock and pink shirt sits behind a table with multiple beers and a large bowl of potatoes.


In Lord of the Fries, players are dealt a random hand of ingredients, which they will use to complete menu items. At the beginning of each round, a player will either roll or call an order. Taking turns starting with the next player on the left, players will either fulfill the order using ingredients in their hands, or pass, forfeiting a card from their hand. If everyone passes, the customer gets impatient, and the round continues to the left; but this time, players may leave out an ingredient from the order.

When one player runs out of cards, the game ends immediately, and players score their points by adding together their completed menu items and subtracting the value of the cards left in their hand. The player with the highest score wins!


Every once in a while, when James Ernest is feeling especially magnanimous, he’ll create a special Lord of the Fries menu for us to share. Below are these surprise menus along with menus from our expansion decks.


Lord of the Fries was introduced in 1997. It’s had four editions since then, including a rare collectible version in a Chinese take-out box, and a “hiatus” edition from our friends at Steve Jackson Games. The new edition blows all the others out of the water, with colorful menus and stand-alone restaurant expansions, complete with their own art and menus.

Lord of the Fries  was the sequel to Give Me the Brain, which was introduced in 1996. That game also has a 2015 Superdeluxe Edition. Because of course it does.

All of the Lord of the Fries zombies, including the future zombies.