James Ernest, President

James Ernest is a bearded Caucasian man with green eyes and salt-and-pepper hair. He wears a black cowboy hat and holds a camera up, looking pensive.James began his career as a professional juggler. Now, he makes all the things. When he’s not working, he’s probably still working. At other times, he can be found playing poker, getting sawdust all over the office à la his woodshop, and making use of his massive LEGO collection.

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Carol Monahan, Vice President

Carol Monahan has pale skin and short, curly red hair. She is looking into the sun through a window with a view of the city beyond it.Carol takes care of the people who give us money and makes sure we aren’t setting ourselves up for financial ruin, law breaking, or other problematic shenanigans. She enjoys making beautiful period and steampunk costumes, singing, and Benedict Cumberbatch. (And really, who doesn’t?) Carol also has photographic proof that she owes Russell Crowe a beer. Hit us up for that sometime, Mr. Crowe.

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Cassidy Werner, Marketing Director & Licensing Coordinator

One of Cassidy's lionhead rabbits who is named Aslan. Aslan is extremely fluffy with black ears and two black spots around his eyes.Cassidy tweets, gives stuff away, and acts as the stern yet benevolent mistress of the Cheapass Demo Monkeys. She runs on spite and caffeine, and would be completely nocturnal were it at all practical. She bakes, reads, and plays games with her gorgeous husband, spoiled dog, and bossy lionhead rabbit (pictured).





Sammy Salkind

Sammy completed his senior project on tabletop game design, designing a game of his own now available online!